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Signed! "Civil War Artillery - A Pictorial Introduction", (See YouTube video)


Product Description

In 1861, it was a blast of artillery aimed at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor which started four years of the most horrendous period in American history. At 4:30 a.m. on the morning of April 12th, forty three Confederate cannons opened up on the fortress. Miraculously, no one on either side had been killed or seriously wounded – a battle conclusion with these results would rarely happen again.   

The Confederacy had to struggle to place artillery and ammunition in the field. The Union had on hand 4,167 pieces of artillery, of which only 163 were field guns. When the rebels took over Federal arsenals in the south, they acquired a considerable amount of heavy guns, but only 35 much needed field pieces. Most of the country's powder mills were located in the North, and little ammunition had been made in the South for some fifty years. Starting almost from scratch, the South built some remarkably efficient mills and arsenals to meet the demands.

Those four short years reshaped the military in many ways - the tactics of the artillery and how it was utilized is still being studied today. The artillery seldom received the grandeur of the cavalry and infantry, but it was those lethal iron projectiles which softened up the enemy to allow the charges and attacks.

Take a trip through time beginning with the infancy of artillery during the American Revolution until the final shots were fired at Appomattox. Most of the major battles are visited, along with some lesser engagements, and the role that the artillery played regarding their outcome. With over 500 photographs, (many previously unpublished), the reader will get a real feel what it was like to serve with the artillery during the Civil War. Color covers with black & white interior, 180 pages.

With over 500 photographs of cannons, equipment, shells, battlefields and ordnance (many unpublished), I am sure it will be a great addition to your Civil War library. Gladly signed and personalized upon request. It is also on a YouTube video, along with my other books. This book also received an award from the North Jersey Civil War Round Table. 

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL8x_CoUS-s 

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  1. Civil War Artillery Book

    Posted by Robert Sorrell on 7th Dec 2020

    A very enjoyable read with a great deal of interesting and informative information. Excellent service was the icing on the cake.

  2. Excellent Review of Civil War Artillery

    Posted by Bob on 3rd Mar 2016

    Wonderfully written book on the Artillery utilized in the civil war. Eminently readable beautifully illustrated.

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