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Signed and Personalized, "Children at the Battle of Gettysburg - Their Unforgettable Summer", signed. (See YouTube video)


Product Description

The children of the 19th century were no different than today’s kids. They looked forward to summer, the end of the school year, and playing with their friends, enjoying the pleasant weather. However, it wasn’t all fun; most still had their daily chores to do, just as they did during the rest of the year. For some they even had more to do because living in Gettysburg meant that there was a good chance they were from a family which had either a farm or orchard.


In 1863, America’s Civil War between the Northern and Southern states was in its third year. Most of the fighting was taking place in the south, so Gettysburg and its 2400 residents were spared the devastation which came along with the battles. They were truly aware of the ongoing war, many fathers, sons, and brothers answered the call when President Abraham Lincoln asked the Northern states, as he did of Pennsylvania, to support the Union cause.

For the children of Gettysburg, the summer of 1863, would not be their normal summer. Since the war began, there were always rumors that “The Confederates were coming!”, however now it was no longer a rumor, they were actually coming. Young Willie and his sister Marie couldn’t really understand the war and thought that these arriving strangers would bring some excitement to their quiet little town. For others, such as Jennie Wade and Tillie Pierce, they could do without it.

Johnny Ryerson, a young boy from Virginia would be forced to look at the War from the other side. He too would like to enjoy a “summer of fun”, but this is something he never experienced, and now with a series of unusual circumstances, it looked unlikely to begin now. There is one thing that these children and others, have in common, it would indeed be their “Unforgettable Summer”. A great gift for that special someone!


This paperback book measures 8 ½” x 11” and has 65 pages with 54 illustrations. In December, 2011, I received an “Excellent +” rating for the book in the monthly newsletter of The Lone Star Book Review (see below).
If you would like me to sign and personalize your copy, just let me know in an email Bob33rd@optonline.net  

YouTube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_n8aE8isXo


Hi Bob,

Thank you for sending the book so promptly.  It arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  The children will surely enjoy the story and learn a lot in the process. Historical fiction is my favorite type of book and I am eager to have the children learn that reading is fun.


It is obvious you put a lot of thought into writing this book and that you have an understanding of young people. The mix of illustration styles is very clever. Your book is wonderful!  


Again, many thanks,


Ruth L. Whitley

Sparta, NJ




Editor – Ed Porter

This is a very interesting book for children as they are drawn into the titanic battle of Gettysburg through the actions of these three children. The “Unforgettable Summer” would be with these children for the rest of their lives. Your own children will remember this exciting book for a long time. Children at the Battle of Gettysburg: The Unforgettable Summer has received an “Excellent! +”Rating”.  Ed Porter


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