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Rare - Revolutionary War 3-pounder cannonball, recovered at Crown Point, NY

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Product Description

This is another nice early piece coming out of a 60-year collection of Revolutionary War artillery. Being offered is a Revolutionary War 3-pounder solid-shot cannonball. It has a diameter of 3 inches and weighs 3 pounds, 9 ounces. During the Revolution both sides made extensive use of artillery along with many 3-pounder cannons (see pictures). This rare cannonball was recovered many years ago at Crown Point, New York.

At the outbreak of the American Revolution, the rebellious colonists looked to Crown Point to aid their cause. The surrender of Fort Crown Point to American rebel troops commanded by Seth Warner in May of 1775 yielded 114 pieces of cannon and heavy ordnance sorely needed by the Americans. Colonel Henry Knox carried twenty-nine of these to Boston during that winter to force the British out of the city.

After the capture of the fort, Crown Point became a springboard for an invasion of Canada. General Richard Montgomery's force sailed down the lake in August 1775. Despite initial success in Montreal, the combined forces of Montgomery and Benedict Arnold were defeated at Quebec in December 1775. They retreated in disarray, riddled with smallpox, to Crown Point. Men died by the hundreds in makeshift field hospitals and were buried in mass graves.

Crown Point was a staging area for the British in both 1776 and 1777. After the Americans abandoned Crown Point, the British assembled their troops here. Delayed by the American Navy, Sir Guy Carleton arrived here with his troops in October of 1776, but retreated north for the winter shortly thereafter. British General John Burgoyne's army arrived here in June of 1777. Crown Point remained under British control until the end of the war.

The ball is in very nice condition, it shows its age, but it is solid and not flaking, typical of being an early recovery. This is the first time this cannonball has been on the open market, and it is truly a great piece of early American History. It definitely merits a place in an advanced collection or museum. As with all the pieces in this esteemed collection, a Certificate of Authenticity will be included. It comes in the acrylic display case pictured.

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