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Confederate $1000 Bond w/coupons, dated 1862


Product Description

This is another nice item being offered, it is a war-dated Confederate Bond issued in Richmond, Virginia. For reference, it is Criswell number 102 and Ball number 135. The $1000 bond, serial number 1301, was authorized by the Act of 19 August 1861 and was issued on 12 November 1862. It was lithographed by B. Duncan of Columbia, SC.  It was signed by Robert Tyler and features the portrait of C. G. Memminger, Secretary of the Treasury. A total of 3457 were issued.

Robert Tyler (1816-1877), the Registry of the Treasury, was the son of U.S. President John Tyler by his first wife. Tyler was head of the Democratic party in Pennsylvania and a personal friend of President James Buchanan before he had to flee to the Confederacy. Through his father's influence, he procured the post of Register of the Treasury, which he held from August 13, 1861 to the end of the war. After the war Tyler moved with his family to Alabama, where he became a newspaper editor. He also became the head of the Democratic Party in Alabama.

When the Civil War erupted in April 1861, the South immediately faced huge financial problems. Beginning in 1861 and continuing throughout the war, it issued a series of bonds. Today, these bonds, like Confederate money, are sought by collectors for their historical value.

Each of the bonds had interest coupons attached to them, twenty-seven remaining with this bond. The hand-signed coupons were redeemable at set times (typically every six months). At the end of the bond’s term, the bearer would be paid its full-face amount. The redemption of the bonds was to occur at the CSA Treasury or any of its branches. There is some scattered toning to this document, but overall it is in very nice condition – very legible printing as well as the signatures.


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