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Civil War brass Drumstick Holder, recovered at Mobile Bay, AL


Product Description

This is another rare piece being offered, it is a Civil War Drummer Boys drumstick holder. The tubes that held the drumsticks are gone, which happened quite often because of extended use. It is solid brass and measures 3” x 3 ½”. An example of this piece is in the newly published book “Groundbreakers”, by Steve Sylvia (see pictures). It was recovered at the Battle of Mobile Bay which took place on the coast of Mobile, Alabama, in August 1864.

Though Mobile Bay was extremely well-defended, Union forces were able to capture the most powerful Confederate ship, as well as Forts Morgan and Gaines, which sat on opposite sides of the bay. The battle of Fort Morgan (also known as the siege of Fort Morgan) secured the Union victory and boosted morale in the North. Because of the victory, supply lines to Mobile continued to be blockaded. By March 24, 1865, the Confederate Army left Mobile, and the city surrendered on April 12 of that year.

Both soldiers and drummers had to learn which drumroll meant “meet here” and which meant “attack now” and which meant “retreat” and all the other commands of battlefield and camp. The most exciting drum call was “the long roll,” which was the signal to attack. The drummer would just beat-beat-beat — and every other drummer in hearing distance would beat-beat-beat — until all that could be heard was an overwhelming thunder pushing the army forward.

When the drummer boys weren’t needed for sounding the calls, they had another job. They were stretcher bearers. They walked around the battlefield looking for the wounded and brought them to medical care. Many young boys marched off to war looking for adventure, but they found hard, dangerous work along with it.

These drumstick holders are a rare find, regardless of the condition – there just wasn’t that many around. It comes in the glass top display case pictured.

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