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Civil War Blanket, as in the Gettysburg Museum collection

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Product Description

This is another interesting piece which I acquired from a Civil War collection; it is an original Civil War blanket. This is one of three blankets in the private collection – it is a cream color and measures 60” x 84” and has a 30” seam. This blanket was examined by a very experienced seller and collector of 18th and 19th century textiles, and he dates it as circa 1820 – 1850.

There are several very similar blankets in the National Park Service Museum collection in Gettysburg (see pictures). In my book “The Civil War Soldier – His Personal Items”, I show a blanket from my collection. It is published in “American Military Equipage 1851 – 1872”, where it states, “In no area of supply could there have been as much diversity of color and quality, and even of size, as the Confederate soldier’s blanket”.

This blanket, constructed of homespun, coarse linsey-woolsey (combination of wool and cotton or linen) is an example of a typical, homespun blanket from the first half of the 19th century; loomed at the weaver’s home, these homespun blankets, referred to, in Civil War soldier jargon as “sheeting”, due to their light weight, were constructed of two panels, hand sewn together and therefore referred to as “mid-seam blankets”. Home looms, in the 19th century, were not large enough in width to weave panels wider than about 32” or 36”.

Understandably, a blanket was one of the most vital pieces of a soldier’s gear. Originally, they were issued, but many were brought or sent from home. Blankets were always in short supply and according to the "English Connection", were included in virtually every blockade run.

The overall condition of this blanket is very good, there are a few worn areas, but that does not distract from the overall appearance. Original Civil War blankets have always been difficult to find, and when they do show up, they do not last long. It would make a great addition to any Civil War collection.

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