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“Bullet Struck” Sword scabbard recovered at Gettysburg Battlefield (SOLD)

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Product Description

This is another great piece being offered, it is an excavated US Model 1860 Cavalry Saber scabbard. It measures 35” long and the two iron ring mounts with rings remain along with the drag. It was struck by a bullet near the top of the scabbard – I used a bullet to portray where it was hit. It was not struck with this bullet, but I used it to show how it was hit and will include it. This scabbard was recovered years ago from the Gettysburg battlefield and was a prized part of the collection of Chester Wayne Miller of Boonsboro, Maryland.

Miller was a Civil War collector for over 60 years. He was a quiet and reserved man, and no one really knew the extent of his large collection. He loved to collect, it was his passion, but rarely sold anything he bought.

He had ancestors living in the Sharpsburg area during the Civil War, as well as ancestors serving in the Civil War. He grew up hearing the stories that had been passed down over the years, which instilled in him a love for history and the importance of Civil War collectibles. Miller could tell you the history of every item in his collection, where he acquired it, and the history behind it, even 30 to 40 years after he purchased an item.

I am pretty certain that when this scabbard was struck, the sword was not in it, because it remains collapsed on the inside where it was hit. What is nice is that the struck area left a little "cradle" where a bullet fits in perfectly. This is a very solid piece and judging by the condition, it must have been an early battlefield find. I will also include a signed and embossed Certificate of Authenticity with its history. Struck items are always very desirable and now difficult to find.

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