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War of 1812 Socket Bayonet, recovered at Battle of French Mills, New York


Product Description

This is another nice early piece coming out of a 60-year collection of Revolutionary War artifacts. Being offered is an excavated U.S. Model 1810 socket bayonet from the War of 1812. It has an overall measurement of 18 inches. This bayonet was recovered from the fighting at French Mills, New York.

On October 22 at the Battle of St. Regis,100 American soldiers stationed at French Mills led a successful attack against 45 Canadian voyageurs. Half returned to French Mills while the other half departed for Plattsburgh, New York. In retribution, a mix of Canadian regulars and militia amounting to 150 men attacked the 50 Americans at French Mills on the Salmon River forcing their surrender.

The bayonet was a crucial weapon during the Revolutionary and War of 1812. Due to the inaccuracy of the musket, the bayonet charge was used frequently. This triangular-shaped blade would leave a large, easily infected, wound on the victim.

The bayonet remains in very nice condition, only showing signs of surface rust, indicative of an early find. This is the first time this piece has been on the open market and it is truly a great piece of early American History.

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