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Revolutionary War Tinderbox, ca. 1770 – 1810, as in museums and books


Product Description

This is another nice piece being offered, it is a Revolutionary War Tinderbox, circa 1770 – 1810. It is made of tinned iron with a candle sleeve on top and complete with damper/snuffer, flint, striker, and a piece of tow. It has a diameter of 4 1/8” x 2” tall (not including handle and candle sleeve).

Tinderboxes would have been carried by all soldiers, American and British – it was their only means of starting a fire. The inner loose lid not only smothers or quenches the smoldering tinder when the operation is over but enables you to burn and smother a fresh rag from an already existing fire.

A candle socket upon the lid, made the apparatus a tinderbox and candlestick combined, which gave you a permanent, transportable light, that could be used for a variety of purposes before you lit the fire, otherwise, minus the candle, the tinderbox must have been close to the freshly laid twigs and the flame communicated to the kindling with the lighted tow. They fell out of general usage when friction matches were invented.

In “Collector’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution”, there is one of these boxes shown (see pictures). There is also one on display at “The Revolutionary War Museum” in Yorktown, Virginia (see pictures). The tinderbox is in very nice and solid condition, only a little extra solder applied to the top over the years.

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