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Rare Book, "Youth's History of the Great Civil War", 1867, Anti-abolition

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Product Description

This is a rare book being offered, it is titled “A Youth’s History of the Great Civil War”. The hardbound book measures 7” x 5” x 1 ¼” and was authored by R.G. Horton in 1867, shortly after the war. The author starts with “This book has been written in the cause of Truth. It has not been the object of the writer to defend any particular party or faction, but solely to vindicate democratic and republican institutions”.

As I went through this book I could immediately see that it definitely defends the Confederacy and is anti-abolition – even though it was published in New York. The book is filled with illustrations of Civil War generals and battlefields.

On the last few pages are advertisements for anti-abolition publications. One is titled Negroes and Negro “Slavery”. In part the ad reads “The author of this work assumes as a starting point that the subordinate position of the Negro, as always existing in American society, is not a condition of slavery at all, but the natural relation of an inferior to a superior race, and that whatever evils, if any, existed in Southern society, were referable to a failure to strictly embody the natural inferiority of the negro in the civil law……”

I haven’t done any research on the author R.G. Horton, but obviously he was very bitter about the outcome of the war and his views on slavery. This is an interesting take on the Civil War and it appears that he wanted the younger generation to see the Civil War and its causes as he did. Published in 1867, it shows how strong the divide was still among many Americans.

Overall this 384 page book is in pretty good condition, being complete and intact. There is a narrow strip inside the front cover which appears to be added as a reinforcement.


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