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Published Confederate Read Shell from Cold Harbor (SOLD)

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Product Description

This is another great piece being offered, it is a published Civil War Confederate Artillery Read shell. This is a percussion shell and was fired from either an Ordnance Rifle or a Parrott Gun. The cylindrical shell would have taken a copper fuse adapter but was probably blown out when fired. The iron body has a copper sabot and a bourrelet band near the top portion. The protruding piece of iron on top is known as a “Lathe Dog”. This small spur was used to turn the shell in the lathe during manufacturing for the final finishing of the iron. Also, on the bottom of the base is a lathe dimple. It was recovered years ago from the Cold Harbor Virginia battlefield.

Shortly after the Battle of the Wilderness in Virginia, both armies were again on the battlefield of Cold Harbor, forming a seven-mile front that extended from Bethesda Church to the Chickahominy River. At dawn June 3, 1864, the Union II and XVIII Corps, followed later by the IX Corps, attacked the entrenched Confederates, only to be slaughtered at all points. General Grant would later comment in his memoirs, that this was the only attack he wished he had never ordered. This was a devastating loss for the Union, with 13,000 casualties compared to the 2,500 suffered by the Confederates.

This shell was published in my book “Civil War Artillery – A Pictorial Introduction”. The shell with the description is on page 142. This shell is in excellent condition and is probably the nicest I seen in many years. I will provide a Certificate of Authenticity with the shell, along with a signed copy of my book.

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