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  • Confederate jacket with flat buttons

Possibly Confederate button found on East Cavalry Field, Gettysburg


Product Description

This is another nice piece being offered, it is a known as a flat or coin button, because of their similarities to a flat coin. It is made of brass with a diameter of 1". Amazingly, the back of the button still has the shank in place. These buttons were more common with Confederate soldiers out of desparation, but both sides used them to some degree. It was recovered years ago from the East Cavalry Field battlefield at Gettysburg.

While infantry fighting resumed on the morning of July 3, two brigades of Union cavalry under General David M. Gregg picketed the intersection of the Hanover and Low Dutch roads three miles in the rear of the Union army. A third brigade of Michigan cavalry under General George Custer was close at hand and supported Gregg’s troopers. Control of both roads would be essential if the Union army were forced to withdraw from their positions around Gettysburg.

Artillery shells signaled the opening of a Confederate attack followed by dismounted fighting on the farm of John Rummell. Three brigades of Confederate horsemen under General Jeb Stuart, who had arrived on the battlefield the evening before, launched a series of mounted charges, each of which was repulsed by a countercharge from the Federals. After suffering heavy losses, Stuart withdrew. The Union rear was secure.

Similar buttons are on a coat which belonged to a Confederate soldier who was killed at Gettysburg (see pictures). In my book "Battle of Gettysburg – The Relics, Artifacts & Souvenirs", I have several of these flat buttons pictured, which were also recovered from the battlefield (see pictures). The book is also available on the website. Take advantage to add a “true” Gettysburg relic to your collection.

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