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Original Civil War Hair Watch fob/vest chain w/gold fittings


Product Description

This is another great piece being offered, it is a woven hair vest chain or watch fob. The brown woven hair measures 13” long and has a gold T-swivel on one end and a gold swivel on the other end.

During the Civil War hair jewelry became very popular, as soldiers left home to join the fight, they would leave a lock of hair with their families. If the soldier died, the hair was often made into a piece of jewelry or placed in a locket, depending on the skill of the weaver. Women would also fashion pieces of hair jewelry out of their own hair, such as this watch fob, for the soldier to take with him as a constant remembrance.

The woven hair chain is tight and in overall excellent condition. The expert skill of the weaver is obvious and at one time I am sure this was a treasured piece of someone. It comes in the glass-top display case pictured. This is the ultimate personal item.

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