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Original Civil War Fife, possibly CS

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Product Description

This is another interesting item being offered, it is a Civil War era Fife. It measures 16 3/4" long and has what appears to be soft lead ferrules. Typically on fifes of this era, the ferrules would be German-silver or brass. It came out of Charleston, SC and being void of any markings, and having lead ferrules, it is though to southern-made. 

During the Civil War fifers and drummers played only for their own companies when on detached duty or on a guard service, but would also entertain their comrades in the evening. The Union and the Confederacy both had musicians assigned to their regiments; a typical company of 100 men would have one drummer and one fifer. Regimental or battalion levels had a fife and drum corps consisting of 10 fifers and 10 drummers drawn from each company by the Drum Major (see period photographs of fifers).

The Drum Major and Fife Major were noncommissioned officers who were responsible for selecting, training and organizing the corps. Field musicians were also used as stretcher bearers as well as aides to the medical staff. In my recent book "The Civil War Soldier - His Personal Items", I have fifes pictured and I go into more detail about the importance of music to the Civil War soldier. 

A most desirable instrument in style, this beautiful fife remains in wonderful condition. What I truly like about this one is that it shows all the signs of continuous use, but not abused, which adds to it’s charm and desirability. It would make an excellent addition to any Civil War or instrument collection. 

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