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Musket Enfield Butt Plate from shipwreck of CS Blockade Runner “Modern Greece” (SOLD)

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Product Description

This is truly a fantastic piece being offered, it is the remains of a British Enfield musket brass butt plate. It is in complete condition with one of the original screws still present. It was recovered from the shipwreck of the Confederate Blockade-runner “Modern Greece”.

In June 1862, the Modern Greece was attempting to evade Federal ships while entering the Cape Fear River in North Carolina. The USS Cambridge and the USS Stars and Stripes opened their guns on the ship forcing it ashore. Rather than have the cargo fall into Union hands, Confederate Fort Fisher fired on the stranded vessel.

The resourceful Confederates, however, were eager to salvage everything possible from the cargo and had soon begun an extensive operation to recover munitions and supplies from the vessel's holds.

The ship’s location, covered in sand around thirty feet down, had been passed down for generations until, in early spring 1962, a fierce storm ravaged the North Carolina coast. The high winds and water managed to uncover the sand from the wreck and shortly after divers from the Naval Ordnance School in Maryland inspected the ship's remains (see pictures). Their prognosis was encouraging, stating that the hull had been cleared of sand to below the main deck and that the cargo was virtually intact.

Over the years from time-to-time artifacts show up from the wreck and are always desired by collectors. I have one of its rare complete shells in my personal collection. Obviously, the much-needed Enfield muskets on board were to be delivered to the Confederacy. Although these unique pieces have been underwater for over 100 years, many remained very solid.

This is a true piece of Civil War history, and I must admit, I really had my reservations about letting it go. It came from the personal collection of Peter George, Civil War author and historian. This would be a fantastic addition to any Civil War collection.

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