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Engraved Civil War “Love Token” made from a coin


Product Description

This is an interesting piece being offered, it is a Civil War “Love Token”. It was fashioned from an 1851- 1853 ND Three Cent Silver Piece Trime 3c Type 1. One side was made smooth and engraved is “FWM / Presented / By / Loise”. This would have been done by a jeweler.

In the mid-19th century, love tokens were all the rage in the United States. The Civil War brought suffering and loss to nearly every family. Such grief made Americans more aware of the fragility of life; and subsequently, more sentimental.

One would take a common coin and have a jeweler plane off one side and engrave their name or initials to give as a gift to that special someone – the more detailed would result in a higher price. This particular coin was given by a girl named Loise and has a tiny hole for a string.

There is a good chance that Loise gave this symbol of love to her husband or boyfriend when he went off to war. The coin itself is in fair condition, showing signs of use, but the engraving is clear. These coins were small in size, only measuring about 13mm. A soldier would either wear it around his neck or pin it somewhere on his clothing. A very nice personal piece.

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