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  • "Civil War Relics" by Stanley Phillips

Carved from a bullet, lead disc with "ADC", Corinth

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Product Description

This is truly a great piece being offered, it is a soldier-made carved lead disc. It is made from melted bullets and measures approximately 1 ¼” x 1”. Carved into the lead on both sides is “ADC”, no one can be positive of what the letters mean – possibly his initials. Also, ADC is the acronym for Aid-de-Camp. An aid is a general officer's personal assistant and carries orders or requests from the General to his staff and subordinate commanders. This unique item was recovered in Corinth, Mississippi.

Corinth's location at the junction of two railroads made it strategically important to the Confederacy during the Civil War. Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard retreated to Corinth after the Battle of Shiloh, pursued by Union Major General Henry W. Halleck. General Beauregard abandoned the town when General Halleck approached, letting it fall into the Union's hands. Since Halleck approached so cautiously, digging entrenchments at every stop for over a month, this action has been known as the Siege of Corinth.

Union General William Rosecrans arrived in Corinth as well and concentrated his forces in the city. The Second Battle of Corinth took place on October 3−4, 1862, when Confederate General Earl Van Dorn attempted to retake the city. The Confederate troops won back the city for a very brief period but were quickly forced out again on the same day when the Union troops were reinforced.

Like I said, this is a great piece and it is rare when these soldier-made items become available. There is a near identical example of this lead disc in "Civil War Relics", by Stanley Phillips (see pictures). The glass-top display case is included.

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