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.69 caliber lead ball from Pickett’s Charge, Gettysburg Museum, Rosensteel (SOLD)

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This is another great piece being offered, it is a Confederate .69 caliber lead ball. This was the standard ammunition since the Revolutionary War. It was designed for the smoothbore muskets and was a staple amongst Union and Confederate soldiers on the field of battle. By the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, the smoothbore muskets were just about obsolete with Union forces, however Confederates were still using them, being unable to upgrade. This ball was recovered at Pickett’s Charge by local Gettysburg resident John Cullison between 1935 – 1959 (I discuss Cullison in my book “Battle of Gettysburg – The Relics, Artifacts & Souvenirs”).

This artifact went from John Cullison’s collection to the Gettysburg Rosensteel collection. The Rosensteel Collection is arguably the most famous collection of Gettysburg relics that have ever existed. John Rosensteel opened his Round Top Museum of Gettysburg artifacts in 1888. The collection, which grew in size as a variety of local collections, such as Cullison’s, were acquired and became the nucleus of the Electric Map Museum collection and ultimately the Gettysburg National Park Museum and Visitor Center collection.

A 1964 advertisement for the Gettysburg National Museum (Electric Map Museum) notes that the John Cullison collection was part of the museum holdings. This Gettysburg artifact not only has wonderful provenance, but it was also found at the most famous location on the battlefield. There are some examples that were recovered by Cullison in the old Gettysburg Museum (see pictures).

I had this piece, and several other artifacts from Pickett’s Charge in my private collection for a while now, acquiring it shortly after it was deacessed by the NPS museum. It is guaranteed 100% as to its authenticity and provenance.

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