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Original Confederate Alabama Fifty-Cent Note, 1863

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Product Description

This is another nice item being offered, it is an original Confederate Alabama Fifty Cent note measuring 5 1/8” x 2 5/8”. In an oval in the center is a vignette of a tree with the map of Alabama. On the face of the bill is “The State of Alabama will pay to bearer in Confederate States Treasury Notes when presented at State Treasury in sums twenty dollars and upwards”. It was issued on January 1, 1863 and has the printed signature of Governor Gill Shorter and was engraved by J.T. Paterson and Co., Augusta, Georgia.

When the Civil War began, the Confederacy quickly found it facing a pressing issue – fighting a war is really expensive. Unlike their Union counterparts, the Confederate states didn’t boast vast reserves of money and precious metals. With a Union naval blockade diminishing the lucrative international cotton trade, the Confederacy needed a way to raise some quick cash – the Confederacy and Confederate states started printing its own money.

The problem was that the bills would only be redeemable if there were still a Confederacy around to cash them after the ratification of a peace treaty. If the Union came out on top, the Confederate money would be worthless. At the war’s end, the value of one hundred Confederate dollars had plummeted to $1.76, which equates to a rate of inflation of around 9,000 percent.

This bill is hand-signed with the number “33950” and is in excellent non-circulated condition. A great piece of Civil War history and it would make a nice addition to any Civil War collection.


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