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Civil War era Tin Candle Mold

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Product Description

This is a Civil War era 12 barrel candle mold for making tapered candles. The size is 11" tall by 10 1/2" wide and 4" deep. It has two soldered side handles as well as the other seams. This item is truly a primitive piece, and obviously seen heavy use as can be seen in the pictures.candles.

Many developments occurred during the 19th Century which had a great impact on candle making. Every town had its own chandler (candle maker) and this Guild trade was tightly regulated and highly taxed. The industry took another leap forward in 1834 when Joseph Morgan industrialized candle making by inventing a machine that could mould around 1500 candles per hour. This made candles, once an expensive luxury, affordable to the masses.  

The introduction of paraffin wax in the mid 19th Century provided the cheapest candle wax available at that time. A refined bi-product from the petroleum industry, paraffin wax was odorless, cleaner, more consistent and longer-burning than tallow. Before gas and electricity, candles were a necessity of life after daylight hours to illuminate a passage or for reading - a must for all Civil War soldiers. With the inventions of the Kerosene Lantern and the electric light bulb during the last half of the 19th Century, candles ceased to be used as a source of light and the industry went into decline. This example definitely has a lot of character and even has remnants of the ancient red paint. It is an excellent display piece and would fit in with any 19th century collection.  

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