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Cased Civil War Pewter Medical Syringe (SOLD)

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Product Description

This is another nice item being offered, it is a cased medical pewter syringe. It measures approximately 6” long and is still operational. It comes in a thin covered leather wooden case which still has the original label inside stating “The Davidson Syringe, Patented March 31, 1857. Reissued April 25, 1865”. It continues with the instructions for use and cleaning. These syringes were used for urethral injections to treat venereal diseases, such as syphilis and gonorrhea. Some of the injections had a sedative composed of Opium. Many Civil War soldiers who served around big cities such as Washington, Nashville and Richmond suffered from these venereal diseases.

A very similar pewter syringe was recovered from the ship “Queen Anne’s Revenge” (see pictures). It was the vessel of Blackbeard the pirate which ran aground off North Carolina in 1718 and discovered in 1996. There were a number of crude medical items found in the wreckage besides the syringe such as a blood porringer, an apothecary's weight set and a mortar and pestle.

Although this syringe was discovered wrapped in cloth in a Civil War era Davidson box, I feel that it dates much earlier and as far as I know, the Davidson Company produced hard rubber syringes. Either way, both pieces are highly collectible by themselves.

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