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Brass Branch from Cavalry Saber, Gettysburg w/provenance (SOLD)

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This is another great piece being offered, it is a brass branch from a Cavalry saber. It was recovered at Gettysburg on East Cavalry Field (see pictures). Originally it was part of the late John P. Geiselman collection. He began collecting Gettysburg relics as a boy in the 1920s and many of the artifacts that he acquired came from prominent early Gettysburg collections and key battlefield sites. Geiselman carefully documented his collection and displayed it for many years at the Geiselman Country Store Museum. I go into more detail about Geiselman and his collection in my book “Battle of Gettysburg – The Relics, Artifacts & Souvenirs”.

While infantry fighting resumed on the morning of July 3rd, Union cavalry under General David McMurtrie Gregg were strongly picketing the intersection of the Hanover and Low Dutch roads--the direct route to the rear of the Union Center with two brigades, with a third, the Michigan cavalry of General George Custer, close at hand. Artillery shells signaled the opening of the Confederate attack followed by dismounted fighting on the farm of John Rummell.

The Confederate horsemen under General Jeb Stuart launched a series of mounted attacks, each of which was repulsed by a mounted charge from the Federals. After suffering heavy losses, Stuart withdrew his forces. The Union rear was now secure.Though the fighting at Culp’s Hill and Pickett’s Charge is more famous, the pitched cavalry battle fought three miles east of town represents a compelling chapter in the Gettysburg story.

No doubt this unique piece was damaged during the famous Cavalry battle. It is in solid condition and has a great uncleaned patina. Similar sword sections are in "Civil War Relics - A Guide for the Historian", by Crouch (see pictures). Early Gettysburg pieces with this type of strong provenance seldom come on the market.

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