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18th & 19th century iron Candle Snuffer

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Product Description

This is another interesting piece being offered, it is a late 18th century Candle Snuffer. It is made of steel and measures approximately 7" x 2 1/2". During the 18th and 19th century these wick trimmers were found in most households (see period engraving).

The idea was to snip the wick, which was caught in the bowl and extinguish the candle safely with no soot or wax on the walls from blowing, or hot wicks catching anything afire. According to some reports, it was a sign of candle skill to be able to use the snuffer to trim a wick without extinguishing the flame.

It is made with rivets instead of screws, attesting to a relative early period of manufacturing. There are two hinged blades; one fitted with a box, which is a receptacle for the charred wick that has been cut off, the other, with a plate that is pressed into the box when the candle is snuffed. The pointed end of the snuffers was used to dig the wick out of the remaining wax.

Although not considered “Civil War”, such items accompanied many of the higher-ranking officers when they set up their headquarters. During that time, wicks were made of a hollow rush stem and necessitated continuous maintenance to preserve the maximum output of light. It would go great in a display of an officer's personal effects, and definitely an appropriate piece.

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